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Sound recording Electrical, mechanical, electronic, or digital inscription and re-creation of a composition.  A sound recording/master recording is represented by a unique International Standard Recording Code. Sound recordings/masters are usually represented by Labels. There are 2 rights holders of sound recordings: Labels AND Performers Each label and performer must be registered at a rights management/collections organization. If you are represented by a label, click here. If you are not currently represented by a label you may Read more…

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Are you receiving regular reporting including international use of your works, as well as complete reporting of international mechanical royalties for all physical and digital use of your works? YES but I would like to learn about Lemont’s audit services. Contact Us NO.  I would like to learn more about Lemont’s publishing services. Contact Us

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You will not collect royalties for use of your songs anywhere without up to date song registrations.  Simply being registered as a song writer will not ensure you are paid for any royalties. Contact Us for help.

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A Composition is the creation/writing of a new original piece.  A composition is represented by a unique International Standard Musical Work Code. Compositions are usually represented by Publishers. There are 2 rights holders of compositions: Publishers AND Writers/Composers. A publisher may own up to 50% of a composition.  The remaining share is owned by the Writer/Composer. Each publisher and composer must be registered at a Performance Rights Organization. If you are currently represented by a Read more…