We provide complete artist and catalog management services including copyright, research, rights administration, licensing, financing, marketing/creative services.

Register your work

We will register your original works, license your master rights, mechanical rights, publishing rights, distribution rights, operate collections and disbursements on your behalf, and manage unauthorized use.

Regain control of your works

Do you own material that is currently being circulated without your permission? Do your previous agreements not cover new media formats? We will regain control of your works by locating unauthorized users, obtain royalty reporting and incorrect disbursements, file and manage disputes, update your registrations and licenses.

Manage your works

Do you own original works or catalogs that are no longer licensed or being circulated? Were you unable to manage the numerous agencies and accounts required to collect your royalties? We will set up or reregister your works with appropriate agencies, execute new license agreements for master rights, mechanical rights, publishing rights, distribution rights. We will manage and collect on your behalf.

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